Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life @ the Speed of Thought

     I recently picked up a book by Bill Gates, "Business @ the Speed of Thought."  The title intrigued me.  I have a son who is incredibly inventive. He has so many ideas it's hard for him to communicate adequately all that is in his mind.  He thinks faster than he can talk, write and possibly type.  Oh to be able to think something and have it happen.  That of course is not our reality.  We all have many ideas, good intentions, dreams and plans, but making them a reality takes time, planning, resources and hard work.  My son often gets frustrated that he can't bring his ideas to fruition.  As a 15 year old, he doesn't have the tools, knowledge and resources needed to make his dreams a reality.  In time, I have no doubt that he'll accomplish much, but the waiting is a struggle.  Imagine a baby, not even able to crawl, who understands the concept of running.  He must wait for the day he is physically able to run.  There is no easy road.  It must be one day at a time.  My son must also bide his time and gain knowledge for the day when he can fulfill his dreams.
     Over the course of my life, I have often been frustrated in a different way.  I often have ideas for ways to improve lives and help those who are struggling or thoughts of businesses I think would succeed. So often if you are the one to bring up an idea, people have a tendency to say, "Great idea!  Why don't you do that?"  The reality of being a mother of six requires that my priority be my children for this season of my life.  It's not my time to start a business, a huge outreach to those who need help, or other such endeavor.  Even if it were, I would never be able to do all that comes to my mind.  Thus, the title for this post, borrowed somewhat from Bill Gates, is Life @ the Speed of Thought.  What if all the good we conceived in our minds could just happen?  What if we had the time, the resources, the energy to birth all that we could think of?
 At first glance, it sounds great.  I'm sure we would see in time, however, that so much of the living we do is in the learning, in the process of getting there.  It is in our struggles, our journey, our triumphs and failures that we can become better people.
     As I said, even if I didn't have six children and had incredible resources, I would never be able to do all that comes to my mind.  I have often said in jest that I should be part of a think tank.  It occurred to me that I could actually start my own, here in the blogging world.  Of course it's a bit unconventional, seeing that I am the only member.  In a sense, living in a world that is so incredibly connected, the members of my think tank are limitless.  Through Tracey Lynn's Think Tank I intend to share my ideas with whomever will read them.  My thoughts might include business ideas, possible solutions to social problems, ideas for new organizations or just my musings on a particular subject.  If in some way, my thoughts can inspire someone to run with an idea and make it a reality, then I will be vicariously living life @ the speed of thought through you, my readers.
     I'm looking forward to the journey.  Writing this blog will add one more ball to juggle, one more plate to balance, but it just seems right.  I have no doubt I'll make some mistakes.  I may make someone mad.  I may step on someone's toes.  I may come across wrong.  As a people pleaser, that's probably the hardest part of this.  I'm not perfect and never will be.  I try to be real and honest with those I meet.  I will try to do the same here.  I believe we all have gifts that are meant to be used.  My thoughts are there for a reason.  Let's put them to work!  

Thoughts from Tracey Best